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History tells us having a player centred relationship between Student and Coach is key to any golfers success. As a coach I feel the art of coaching is to be an expert communicator, fully qualified in your field, a trainer, supervisor, mentor and someone who adapts to the players golfing needs, which is why I’ve created Golfing Partner.

As part of my coaching offer you’ll find a range of bespoke Online Coaching Packages that I’ve designed to fix and develop any area of your game wherever you are in the world. This starts with my FREE video tutorials that lead into two levels of Premium Content with over 200 Online Lessons, Swing Drills & Practice Games to view. You can access my ‘Premium Content’ by simply Singing Up! This will open your chosen lesson and it’ll open all other ‘Premium Content’ in your chosen coaching package for the duration of your sign up term. To view the detail of each ‘Package’ head to the bottom of this page.

Please Note – with my 3,6 & 12 month packages you’ll receive a series of V1 Swing Analysis Lessons as advertised. This is done using the V1 Golf Application which is an award winning coaching solution that’s been embedded into Golfing Partner. Simply use the camera function in the app to take a video of your golf swing and send it through to me where I’ll expertly analyse your swing and give you helpful feedback that will improve any area of your golf game.

Lesson Package Levels:
  • Level 1 – relates to my 1 & 3 month packages where you can access all Free Content along with a range of Premium Lesson Tutorials, Swing Drills and Practice Games that have been designed to create a structure of practice to fix your swing fault. Please Note – within my 3 month package you can access 3 x V1 Swing Analysis Lessons where you send video of your swing, I’ll then critique and give qualified feedback through a series of Online Interactive Golf Lessons that will put your game back on track.
  • Level 2* – relates to my 6 & 12 month packages offering long term sustainable game development. If you are serious about improving your game and taking it to the next level these packages are for you! You’ll get full access to all Premium Lesson Content and all Swing Drills & Practice Games for the duration of the ‘Sign Up’ term. With the 6 month package there are 6 x V1 Swing Analysis Lessons available and 13 x V1 Lessons available in the 12 month package, where you send video of your swing. I’ll then critique and give qualified feedback through a series of Online Interactive Golf Lessons designed to develop all areas of your game that will help you reach your golfing potential.


How to access a V1 Swing Analysis Lesson.

Step 1: Use this link to Download V1 Home and install the FREE Software on to your Mobile Phone, iPad, Tablet, LapTop etc … Launch the V1 Software and be sure to register yourself to the App. Apple users should download from the Appstore, Android users should download from the Google Play Store.

Step 2:  When you’ve downloaded & registered to the App simply use the app’s camera function to get your Golf Swing on to video, looking from a ‘Head On’ and ‘Down the Line’ view. Also be sure to edit each clip so it’s under 10 seconds in length to ensure the file size isn’t too large to send!

*Please use the camera function within the App to ensure your swing clip automatically uploads to your V1 Video Locker!

Step 3: Be sure to make Golfing Partner your preferred golf coach!  You can do this by searching the accredited V1 Coaching Academy List, once done hit send!!

Step 4:  I’ll then professionally analyse your swing video, give audio feedback and use the V1 Golf coaching tools to deliver you your Online Golf Lesson. I’ll then upload your lesson to your personal V1 locker so receive notification your lesson is ready to view!

If you need any further information or if you have any questions about this process please don’t hesitate to come back to me using the Contact Us form, I look forward to receiving videos!